Family Link — parental control app from Google

Family Link is a parental control app from Google. The product was launched in 2017; it allows users to connect the parents’ device (controlling device) with the child’s device (controlled device). At the same time, the controlling device needn’t work under Android OS — it can well be an iPhone or iPad.
In order to configure the service, you should create a separate account for the child. Next, having access to both devices, you will need to install Family Link application on them, and, following the prompts of the installation program, configure it.

How to limit screen time on Android?

Recommended screen time limit

Nowadays kids extensively use smartphones, and it’s the source of worries for their parents. One of the most common question is “should parents limit screen time?” There is no unanimity of opinions on this issue among the parents but most likely, the answer is “yes”. Self-discipline isn’t among children’s strengths; it’s very difficult for them to break away from an exciting game, even if they have already spent a lot of time playing it.
Well, for how long can kids play video games without harm? And, what’s even more important — how much screen time is too much?