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  • The product offers a required minimum of monitoring functions
  • Lifetime license (no additional renewal fees)


  • The set of monitoring functions is fairly modest
  • No trial version available

Realtime-Spy is a software product, which is intended for monitoring Android devices (there also are versions for PCs and Macs). This software allows its user to seamlessly record actions on any Android mobile device and access activity logs anytime from anywhere through an account at Realtime-Spy’s website. All the activity is updated in real time. Kinds of activity recorded by Realtime-Spy include:  voice calls, SMS text messages (sent and received), info about use of applications, visited websites, use of the camera. Also, changes of the monitored device’s GPS coordinates are also recorded, which enables the user to track location of the device.


Real-time Android device activity monitoring

As the product’s name suggests, Realtime-Spy can show you users’ actions in real time, i.e. exactly at the moment when these actions are performed on the device being monitored.

Viewing the logs at any time from any place

Thanks to the cloud-based architecture, Realtime-Spy enables you to view activity logs from any device with Internet access. Activity logs are password-protected and are updated in real time, as new information from monitored devices becomes available.

Simple management and archiving of the logs

With Realtime-Spy personal account, you will be able to instantly delete information from individual logs, as well as information on individual devices, or all information from all journals.

Centralized tracking for multiple devices  

Your account in the cloud allows you to manage data from several monitored devices at once and view their logs from one place. You can also archive and download these logs to view them later. There is also a function that enable you to search for particular data in the logs.

Monitoring functions

The monitoring functions of Realtime-Spy are quite standard for products of this kind. Although, the set of functions is rather modest. In particular, it includes the following:

  • Voice calls tracking;
  • Interceptions of sent and received text messages /SMS;
  • Recording of visited websites;
  • Recording of launched applications;
  • Recording of the changes of the device location;
  • Copies of photos;
  • Recording the history of events.

Let’s look at the monitoring functions of the application in more detail:

Voice Call Monitoring

Realtime-Spy voice calls monitoringRealtime-Spy displays the phone number and the time when the call was made. However, the program does not record the call itself. Also, duration of the call isn’t recorded.

Interception of text messages/SMS  

Text messages are saved in the following format: “Sender – Recipient – Destination – Time sent.” Currently, the product doesn’t support instant messengers.Realtime-Spy interception of text messages/SMS

Recording the sites visited  

Realtime-Spy recording the sites visitedFor all visited sites, Realtime-Spy records the time it was opened and closed, as well as the total time spent on the site.

Recording the launched apps

The report on applications launched is similar to the one on sites visited. The recorded data include the name of the application, the time it was launched and closed, as well as the total time it was in use.
In addition, reports about the 10 most used applications and the 10 most visited sites are available.
Realtime-Spy recording the launched apps

Location change monitoring (GPS tracking)

Realtime-Spy location change monitoring (GPS tracking)Realtime-Spy records the coordinates of the phone with a pre-set frequency, which could be seen in the report called Device Location History. This report contains the current location of the device, displayed on the map, as well as previous coordinates, with links to

Copies of the photos from the device

This report contains copies of all photos taken by the camera on the monitored device. The photos are displayed as a gallery.Realtime-Spy copies of the photos from the device

History of the events

Realtime-Spy history of the eventsThere is a report in Realtime-Spy, which many similar products lack. This report displays all events in the form of a timeline (a chronological table).   

Stealth mode

Realtime-Spy operates in stealth mode. Its monitoring system does not load hardware of the device, so work of Realtime-Spy in no way hampers use of the Android device.


The product offers a required minimum of monitoring functions.

Lifetime license (no additional renewal fees)


The set of monitoring functions is fairly modest.

No trial version available.  

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