Android Keyloggers help parents control their children’s activity

Children are curious. They want to know everything and can be really cunning when it comes to finding information they are interested in. But it is not always possible to simply and safely tell children about everything they want to know.

Today, a mobile phone has become a necessity; it is obvious that children will use this device to search for answers to their questions. But using a cell phone can be harmful and even dangerous, because it gives kids access to the information to which they, by virtue of their age, are not yet ready.

To protect children from danger, parents can use tracking apps for Android phones. Such tracking applications will help you find out the location of your child, check his or her SMS and calls, restrict or block the use of games, view browser history and accounts in social networks, and much more.

Let’s find out how it works:

What is an Android keylogger?
“Keylogger” is a word that denotes a program for registration and recording of keystrokes. Android keylogger is a program installed on a mobile phone or tablet that records each tap or typing of a character made on a mobile device. Everything which has been entered is recorded, so that the user of the phone can easily view all this information later.

How an Android keylogger can help parents?

Here is a short video from the creators of the iKeyMonitor parental control application, which gives 5 tips to parents on how to keep kids safe on the Internet.

Keylogger is very useful when it comes to tracking your children’s actions performed on your mobile device. There are various keyloggers available that you can use to check which web pages they access and what their geographical location is.

What functions of Android tracking apps are handy for parental control?

Monitoring visited sites and social networks

The function of tracking all your child’s actions on the Internet is very important for parental control applications. In addition to the monitoring function, function, which enables you to block sites on certain topics, will be a great advantage for such programs.


A keyboard spy will allow parents to be aware of what the child is talking to their peers about. Parents will know whether their kid is hiding something important from them, whether he or she is in danger, and so on.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking allows you to get information about the current location of your children and the history of their movements.

An additional advantage is the ability to customize geo-zoning. This feature will send you alerts each time your child leaves a certain pre-defined zone or area.

Calls Logging

Check your children’s call logs to know who they talked to, when, and for how long. Also, pay attention to the function of conversation recording – not all applications of this kind have it, although it can be extremely useful.

Monitoring applications and games

The function enabling you to see what applications and games your child uses on the phone (including duration of use) will help you assess whether your kid is obsessed with the device and, if necessary, take measures to avoid addiction to the device.

Time limit

This function usually goes together with the previous one and allows you to set time limits for launching certain applications and using the device itself. This can help you avoid overuse of the cell phone.

Modern mobile devices undoubtedly simplify many aspects of people’s lives. However, if you care that your child becomes too dependent on the phone and devotes a lot of time to playing games instead of learning, if you are afraid that he or she may find information on the Internet, from which you would like to protect him or her, if you are worried that your child may get under someone’s bad influence, today there are many opportunities to control use of a mobile phone.

We hope this article will help you to choose the right application for monitoring your Android phone.