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  • Free trial
  • Attractive pricing if the product is intended for personal use
  • Demo mode


  • It has no functions that could be called unique for this kind of programs

Sometimes, monitoring your devices is crucial and can provide priceless information. You may have people who use your mobile device; children who you give smartphones; you can have employees who you should keep an eye on if you want to protect your business interests. It means that you need to purchase reliable employee monitoring or parental control software in order to know everything they are doing on your mobile devices entrusted to them. HoverWatch is one of the most reliable mobile tracking applications available.

HoverWatch offers high-quality service, wide variety of tracking features, demo mode and a number of price packages for different users, whichmakes monitoring of mobile devices available to everyone.

Program Features

HoverWatch is one of the most efficient spyware applications. This software for monitoring smartphones (there also are versions for PC and Mac), which tracks all user actions on the target device. These actions are recorded and uploaded to the client’s personal panel, so that they can be easily accessed and analyzed.

Hoverwatch is developed by Refog, a company specializing in monitoring and parental control solutions.

Most of the functions don’t require a root access to Android. These features include:

  • Recording all incoming and outgoing phone calls;
  • Viewing call history (including missed calls);
  • Monitoring of all text/SMS messages (sent, received and deleted);
  • GPS tracking;
  • Tracking calendar entries;
  • Viewing phone’s browser history;
  • Viewing phone’s address book contacts;
  • Camera use tracking – makes a snapshot of a person holding the phone while unlocking;
  • Notification about replacement of the SIM card.
  • The application works in stealth mode, invisibly to the user.

Let’s take a closer look at the functions of the application.

Recording the incoming and outgoing calls

Hoverwatch recording the incoming and outgoing callsImmediately after recording, all the calls are uploaded to your personal HoverWatch account, so you can listen to them at any time. Information and data stored in your control panel will help you find out the date, time and duration of the conversation; listen to the recording itself; learn about the device’s location during the call; see the name of the interlocutor, if it is added to the address book.

This feature is ideal for controlling activity of your children.

GPS tracking

Hoverwatch GPS trackingIt works if geo location and Wi-Fi are enabled on the target device. Also, location of the device can be monitored using GSM. Use your personal HoverWatch account to get information about location of the device you want to track. Location of the phone will be marked directly on the map.

SMS and instant message tracking

Hoverwatch SMS trackingYou will be able to track both incoming and outgoing messages, as well as conversations in such instant messengers like Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook and others.

Hoverwatch instant messengers trackingIt is not only about text messages, you will also be able to view the sent and received pictures, photos, listen to voice recordings sent via the instant messenger.

Snapchat tracking

Snapchat was almost impossible to track for a long time. It is regularly used by people who do their best to hide their personal life. The fact is that messages and data sent via Snapchat appear on the screen within a very short period of time, so that no one except the owner of the device can detect them. However, modern feature-rich mobile tracking applications can run in the background and create a full Snapchat activity log in your account. HoverWatch can do this. All the data is safely stored, so that you can view them.


You can easily take screenshots from the target device whenever you want. Screenshots that you take remotely are stored in your HoverWatch account for thirty days.

Camera tracker

This feature allows you to take a photo from the front camera of the target device when the screen is being unlocked.

This can be extremely useful if your Android device is lost and you need to find out who has found it.

Track contacts and to-do list

Hoverwatch track contacts and to-do list (calendar)Contacts and Calendar apps’ data from the target device are regularly stored in your HoverWatch account. With this monitoring application, you can view all contacts along with the respective profiles. You will also know when a new contact is added. In addition, this mobile spy allows you to view notes and reminders made in the “Calendar”.

SIM card replacement

All the SIM card’s data are also uploaded into your personal panel. They include the mobile operator, so, whenever the user changes the SIM card, you will receive a notification.

Browser activity monitoring

Hoverwatch browser activity monitoringThe list of websites viewed on the monitored mobile device is stored in the HoverWatch control panel. You will be aware of all search entries. You do not need to root the target device to use this feature.

Capturing the keystrokes (key logging)

HoverWatch records all typed messages and logs keys pressed on the keyboard of the monitored device. Consequently, you will be able to access every word entered by a user, including his or her emails, usernames, passwords, text messages, and more.

Invisible mode

Using HoverWatch, you can comprehensively track the target phone / device in stealth mode, while remaining completely invisible to the device user. After the installation process, you will be given a secret PIN code that you will need to enter every time you want to get direct access to the tracking app directly on the phone. However, in most cases you won’t need to do this, since most of the changes can be made using the online user panel.


Free trial

Attractive pricing if the product is intended for personal use

Demo mode


It has no functions that could be called unique for this kind of programs

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