How to Block Porn on Android Phone

Pornography is written or visual materials that contain a particular description or demonstration of private parts or sexual activities; these materials are meant to stimulate titillating instead of aesthetic feelings or emotions.

The problem is that erotica is present on the net, therefore it’s extraordinarily tough to fully keep clear from it. However, most parents want to recognize what measures they can take to save their children from seeing adult content when the use of virtual devices.

How to find a lost or stolen Android smartphone

Nowadays, a smartphone is not just a device for communication; it plays a much more important role in our lives. Just think about loads of information about you stored on your mobile device. This includes the list of your contacts, as well as various financial data, together with banking applications. But what happens if you lose your phone? With such a huge amount of personal information that will become available to anyone who gets hold of it, it is very important to be prepared for loss of your phone and know how to find it as soon as possible.

Fortunately, creators of smartphones understand how important their devices are and offer some solutions that make it easier to find a smartphone in case of its loss or theft.

To begin with, it is highly recommended to copy the IMEI and the serial number of your phone somewhere (certainly, not on this smartphone). They will be useful if your phone is stolen and you need to complain to the police. You can find out the phone’s IMEI by dialing *#06# on your phone. In order to find out the serial number, go to “Settings” and select “About phone”.

Family Link — parental control app from Google

Family Link is a parental control app from Google. The product was launched in 2017; it allows users to connect the parents’ device (controlling device) with the child’s device (controlled device). At the same time, the controlling device needn’t work under Android OS — it can well be an iPhone or iPad.
In order to configure the service, you should create a separate account for the child. Next, having access to both devices, you will need to install Family Link application on them, and, following the prompts of the installation program, configure it.

What is stalkerware?

Currently, there is no clear-cut definition of what stalkerware is. This term is interpreted differently by various experts and journalists in the field of information security. Most often, the definition of stalkerware (also called spouseware or “legal spy”) is used to refer to software that is used for stalking — the unwanted, sometimes intrusive attention of one person aimed at another, which can also include spying one person on another. The term itself appeared due to the increased use of commercial monitoring software for spying on spouses or intimate partners, which could lead to abuse (harassment, family violence, etc.).

The problem is that due to the fact that some of the programs can be used in harmful ways, this label is often placed not only on deliberately malicious software (i.e. software designed to gain UNAUTHORIZED access), but also on quite legal monitoring products that the user is fully authorized to install on his own devices for various purposes (parental control, employee monitoring, etc.).

There is also an opinion that stalkerware includes any systems that stealthily collection data on users, including trackers from advertising and social media. However, since such a collection of information is not related to stalking, this definition is not correct.

How to limit screen time on Android?

Recommended screen time limit

Nowadays kids extensively use smartphones, and it’s the source of worries for their parents. One of the most common question is “should parents limit screen time?” There is no unanimity of opinions on this issue among the parents but most likely, the answer is “yes”. Self-discipline isn’t among children’s strengths; it’s very difficult for them to break away from an exciting game, even if they have already spent a lot of time playing it.
Well, for how long can kids play video games without harm? And, what’s even more important — how much screen time is too much?

Android Keyloggers help parents control their children’s activity

Children are curious. They want to know everything and can be really cunning when it comes to finding information they are interested in. But it is not always possible to simply and safely tell children about everything they want to know.

Today, a mobile phone has become a necessity; it is obvious that children will use this device to search for answers to their questions. But using a cell phone can be harmful and even dangerous, because it gives kids access to the information to which they, by virtue of their age, are not yet ready.

To protect children from danger, parents can use tracking apps for Android phones. Such tracking applications will help you find out the location of your child, check his or her SMS and calls, restrict or block the use of games, view browser history and accounts in social networks, and much more.