The very best keyloggers for Android

Nowadays, a keylogging application for Android is at least highly recommended, if not a must-have, for parents and employers.

Today’s children are increasingly becoming technically knowledgeable – even preschoolers can use smartphones and computers. But growing popularity of social networks, wide distribution of various “smart” devices, combined with innate naivety and curiosity of children offer great opportunities to cybercriminals. In addition, the Internet contains plenty of content, which any caring parent wants to protect children from.

If you are an employer, you are definitely worried about your business. So, you want to make sure your employees use corporate mobile devices only for fulfilling work-related tasks, don’t communicate with your competitors or just suspicious persons.

Leak of your company’s confidential and commercially important information, low employee performance are the main problems that many companies face today.

To successfully deal with such threats, we would like to offer you the best monitoring applications for Android. They will help you protect your children and your business.

How Android keyloggers work

Unfortunately, quite often people use modern technology for cheating one another. Employees try to deceive their bosses, children hide information from their parents, wives and husbands cheat each other. The logging application for Android will help you to always be aware of how your device is used.

Android keylogger is an app for mobile phones and tablets, which is capable of registering keystrokes and storing the recorded data for future use. A modern spyware application for Android works stealthily; it is able to record not only keystrokes, but almost all actions performed on the phone (voice calls, web surfing, text messages, geolocation changes, and more).


Hoverwatch is an advanced keylogger for Android. This application has a free trial version (with certain functional limitations, though). This powerful Android keylogger helps you manage the devices of your children, so you can prevent them from inadvertently disclosing sensitive information to strangers. This way Hoverwatch can help you avoid terrible consequences from such an info leak.

Hoverwatch performs a lot functions: it records keystrokes on your Android devices, tracks phone calls, tracks use of social networks and instant messengers (Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp). Besides, it has a built-in GPS tracker for mobile devices and many other features that make this Android application a perfect tool for parental control.


Realtime-Spy is a professional software keylogger for Android from SpyTech, a well-known vendor. In our opinion, this software product is ideal for monitoring employees. SpyTech offers a wide range of products that allow the user to control devices running on Android, Windows or macOS.

The cloud storage of this keylogger Android application will give you access to any information about the phone you are tracking. At any time, you will be aware of what is happening on your Android devices, wherever you are: on vacation, on a business trip, or at any other place.

Registering keystrokes is not the only monitoring function of this keyboard recorder for Android. This spyware application also keeps track of voice calls, web sites visited by a particular user, photos taken, applications used, location changes and much more.

All collected data are split into specific categories. You can also view all events in a chronological order.


iKeyMonitor is an ultimate, comprehensive, highly effective monitoring application for Android devices. It can be equally successfully used both for parental control and employee monitoring. iKeyMonitor allows you to track calls, clipboard contents, voice messages, photos, videos, SMS messages, GPS coordinates, chats, websites visited, keystrokes made on the target device. In addition, it can take screenshots, block apps and games, and limit the time the device can be used.

All the received data can be viewed locally on the device itself, or remotely. In the latter case, you can use a cloud storage and view the data from a handy administrative panel.

Inputting Plus

This free keylogger for Android has a bit narrower range of functions as the applications described previously. However, it has one significant advantage – it is free. This application has a set of familiar features “Undo”, “Repeat”, “Find” and “Replace”, which are absent on Android devices. We can say that Inputting Plus is a keylogger as it is. This app won’t be suitable for complex monitoring tasks, but it will be useful if you type a lot on your device.

You can choose which applications should be monitored using the Inputting Plus function. In addition, you can also restrict keylogger access to any programs you want by adding them to the blacklist. This list should contain the applications, which require typing confidential and sensitive information (banking applications, password managers, etc.).

When you enter any text, the blue icon of the Inputting Plus application appears along with the keyboard in the notification area, allowing you to use the undo, redo, search and replace functions.

This free Android keylogger records all the text you enter and edit inside those applications, to which you provide access. It also includes a really cool feature called Timeline. Do you remember what you typed last Sunday? The timeline function will save all text information along with the date and time. The free version stores 10 text fragments. If you want unlimited storage, you can purchase the Pro version for only $ 1.99.